Do you “miss’ church?

When you miss church services on Wednesday or a Sunday night, do you “miss” church?

Let’s face it… There are many people who miss church services and don’t think twice about it. They have no guilt for missing a service. If you look around churches on a Sunday Night or Wednesday, you will see that greater than half did not show up. So what’s the reason? Is it because they have a long drive and don’t want to commute back in? Their school (or rec league) team has practice and they “can’t” miss it? I’m talking specifically about consistently missing church.. Not those who have to miss because they are nurses or some other type of job that requires them to be away occasionally. The Lord knows their heart. Honestly, I believe that it’s because they are in a spiritually weaker place than they should be.

So, when you miss church services…. Do you “miss” being at church? Do you feel guilt for not being with your fellow Christians? If you are missing church and don’t feel any remorse at all, you may possibly have a heart issue. Your heart is not in the right place.

Wednesday night we ate at Chuys like we have for 8 years.. We had a different waitress than normal and it took longer than expected. We left the restaurant at 7pm, the time church starts. We headed south on I65 and got caught in fair traffic. We took the exit, 25 minutes late. We walked in the door and sat down to Bible study. We knew that no matter what time we got there, that is where we needed to be. We love our church and our church family and fellowship with everyone helps give us a mid-week boost. It would have been so much easier just to go home or even turn to the fair. But we knew where we needed to be.

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