Once A Week’er

Have you noticed that the church attendance numbers drop on Sunday night and Wednesday nights? I’ve browsed some local area congregation churches bulletins online and notice that attendance drops 50 – 60% from that of Sunday morning.. That is a large drop in attendance… So why do you think that is? And I am talking consistently missing services, not the one who works every now and again or those who are sick/shut-in..

To me, the answer is simple.. People are to wrapped up in the worldly activities than spiritual activities. People always make time for things they value the most. If they aren’t attending your regular services, that should immediately tell you what is more important. Yes, it is not commanded to attend services three times a week but when the doors are opened, shouldn’t you want to be there to continue to build that relationship with God.

Lastly, if your job is getting in the way of your spiritual growth, it may be time to find another job. You can still provide for your family without conflicting with your relationship with God and your Christian family.

May post:

What if you were a one-week’er at work. Your boss sets your schedule to work 5 days a week but you decide that only showing up on Monday is the most convenient thing for you. You feel that you can reach your goal by only working on Monday and then just doing your own thing the rest of the week. How long do you think you would be employed? I’d guess.. Not long.. But we all know that those of us who work will go above and beyond to show up at our job so we don’t lose it.

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