Empty Nest

This week there has been a photo going around of the couple that taken the photo with an empty nest, celebrating the moment that they will become “empty nesters”. This is the time of life that couples are once again back to their pre-child lives. A lot of adults struggle with transition because they are not use to the alone lifestyle. But, do you really want to have an “empty nest”?

Obviously we are still in our raising children stage so I can’t speak on behalf of any empty nester. Our goal as parents is to raise our kids to believe in God, trust in God, and train them how to live like Christ when they are out of the house on their own. Then, when the kids leave the house… What are we to do? It’s simple. Your children never stop looking up to you. No matter what you do, they are still watching…..still following your example. Then the grandchildren come and you have additional eyes looking at you. What are you going to do? You now have more time, extra money, and more changes to invest your time in living out your life for Christ. On top of attending church regularly, you can now commit to other events at the church and help others mature their relationship with God. Just because your are now an empty nester at home doesn’t mean you have to have an empty nest in your Christian walk.

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