Our kids picked out objects around the house to do devotionals on. Today is Ady’s day and her object was a plant. So here it goes….

Plants are everywhere we look. They are around almost every house that you pass, entrances to subdivisions, inside homes and businesses, and many more places. They are used to decorate, draw attention, and make things look more attractive than just being a dull space. Plants have been around since the beginning of creation. Plants can grow and grow and eventually get out of control. Our garden, at our house, at one point was completely overtaken by weeds. These unwanted plants took over and almost killed our garden plants we had. We had to go in and prune our plants and weed the garden in order for it to grow stronger and live longer.

In our Christian life, we are exactly like a plant. There are days that we are shining bright and showing our love for Christ as much as we can but then there are days that we are not so perky and do not express the love of God in our life. We even go through major droughts that cause weeds to grow in our life and we need to prune ourselves spiritually in order to get back to where we need to be. Sometimes we have to reach out to others to get help with the pruning process. The great part of being in a part of an amazing Christian family is that there are always people willing to help. We don’t need to be afraid to ask. We also need to watch where we plant ourselves. If you plant yourself in the middle of a bunch of bad fruit or weeds, you will more than likely die out. But if you plant yourself in a fertile spot around others with Christ-like faith, you will be able to grow and live longer.

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