I grew up deer hunting. From a very young age my dad taught me how to be a safe and respectful hunting. I learned what all tools and items I needed to be a successful hunter. One of the tools is a flashlight. Sounds weird but it’s one of my favorite items to have. I’m the type of hunter that loves getting in the woods way before daylight; like a couple of hours. My flashlight has been a great tool each trip. As crazy as it sounds, I’m actually afraid of the woods at night but with my flashlight, it makes me feel more secure because it shows me the way and brightens my path as I walk. I always made sure that it was in my hunting bag before each trip.

For many of us, we have walked in the dark as a Christian. I was baptized at a young age and have had my share of dark days as I matured (and still maturing) in my faith. God has always been right beside me the entire time. He’s been “in my hunting bag” for me to use. The thing about God is that he gives us the opportunity to choose whether we need him or not. He doesn’t jump out at us and force us upon him. He presents trials to us that we must overcome to help us realize we need Him. He is our flashlight of life. For every dark day we have, he is there to immediately guide us to safety. He is there to brighten our path and show us the way. It’s up to us to call on Him at all times. God is Good..

“Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:105‬

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