Our kids picked out objects around the house to do devotionals on. Today is Jaksen’s day and his object was a thermostat. So here it goes….

One thing that most of our homes have in common is that they have a thermostat mounted on the wall to control the temperature. Some homes have multiple depending on how many units and floors the home has. In our home, our thermostat stays set to the same temperature all of the time. We rarely ever touch it and it always seems to keep our house at a very comfortable temperature. There are many people that we know that keep it cold and others who keep it hot then there are the ones that constantly change theirs to fit their current needs.

Our spiritual walk can be the same. Some days it is cold and we need to turn up the heat a little to remain faithful to Christ. There are days that we are on fire for Christ and we don’t have to work as hard to stay warm as well. One thing that we can make certain is that God is always there and he always remains the same. Christ is our spiritual thermostat. His love for us does not change, he always remains steady, and works constantly to keep us where we need to be in all “seasons” of our life. We need to choose to have God be our thermostat and let him be in control our life so that we may be able to spend eternity with Him.

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