Business Owners

Over the past few years, ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms have grown rapidly and are becoming (if not already) the best way to reach millions of people at one time. It is sad to see that when I scroll through my news feeds the amount of ads that have girls wearing almost nothing. Even little girls advertising their clothes. It is unfortunate how marketing “gurus” have taken “sex sells” to a whole new level. It hurts my heart to see these young girls, tenneagers, and even adults parading around in almost nothing. Sadly enough, we see Christian based (or companies founded by Christians) doing the same thing.

If you are a business owner and you are a Christian… Do you think God is happy with the way that you promote your business? Do you think that He looks at your business and is happy to see your successes based on the ability to market on the “world’s wants”. Girls in skimpy shorts that you can see half their butt is what the “world” wants to see.. Do you think that will get you to Heaven? Knowing that you are giving the men opportunities to lust after your models.. Do you think being that stumbling block will help you enter those pearly gates? It’s time that we take our Christian beliefs and market them into the businesses instead of marketing how the world expects you to.

This is not one of my normal posts but I just feel it should be said. It has been on my mind as a father. The same works with fathers who let their girls dress like this. Yeah, they make a little money dressing in almost nothing but does that money really matter in the end? It is time for fathers to step it up and be the Godly father that we are suppose to be. I am not pointing any fingers at one particular business but the dozens and dozens of businesses I’ve seen produced by Christians and promoted by worldly acts.

God is Good…

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