It’s Party Time…

Birthday parties, Christmas parties, Halloween parties, even hosting your own jewelry/makeup party. There are parties every weekend that we get invited to. This time of year they seem to come more about as the holidays approach and sports season kicks into full speed. Isn’t is exciting when we are preparing the invitations to send to all of your friends. You log onto your computer, design the perfect invitation that you know will attract dozens of people to your house, and then you proudly take them to the mailbox and pop that little red flag up! Then you begin cleaning that house, refreshing the paint, mowing the yard and so much more to make it just perfect for this “special” occasion. You know that all of your hard work and dedication to this party will be a success.

How about with your Christian life? Are you a member of a congregation who is active? When it is time to prepare for your annual Trunk or Treat or your Vacation Bible School, do you get PUMPED UP and ready to spread the news about these amazing events of fellowship with Christian brothers and sisters? Do you go home and make your own little flyer to send out to your friends? Do you post it in your neighborhood Facebook group or NextDoor app? Do you show the same about of enthusiasm about your spiritual life than you do a birthday party for your child? Shouldn’t we show more excitement? Even with bible study, are we as eager to invite people in our home to study God’s word as we are to eat some cake and watch the football game? Why do we put more emphasis on worldly things that don’t matter?We are commanded to go out and spread God’s word. Jesus said for us to GO and make disciples of Men, BAPTIZING them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and for us to teach them to obey everything that he has commanded us. (Matt 28:18-20). Outreaching to your fellow neighbors and friends is the perfect way to get them closer to Christ. We need to get “fired up” about events that can bring people into fellowship with one another. We should also treat every church service as an opportunity to outreach. At our church we have 3+ events per week that we can bring someone to and get them to know our amazing Lord. It is time that we get excited about saving a soul so we can spend eternity with them in Heaven.

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