The New Person

Most of us have been through situations where we have moved to a new place where we knew no one. It could have been a new school, a new job, or a new church. Whatever the case may have been, we were the “new person”. For kids, it can be more stressful moving than when you are an adult. When a kid moves into a new school, they may not be immediately accepted by others. They can be pushed away, sit by themselves, or ignored on the playground. It can make the kids feel awkward and unaccepted.

It is important for us to teach our children to be welcoming towards others. If we look at back at a time where we were the new person, didn’t it feel great when someone came up to you and introduced themselves? This year our kids started a new chapter of their school lives at Columbia Academy at the Columbia campus. They had been at the Spring Hill campus for over a year but the move to the new campus was stressful to them. They didn’t know many kids. The very first day of school, Ady Kate sat down beside a little girl in class. The sweet little girl didn’t waste any time.. She said “Hi, I am Caroline, do you want to be my friend?”. This simple act of kindness by Caroline made Ady immediately feel accepted in her new class.

As Christians, we are taught to be raised in the image of Christ. It can be very difficult and we will fail daily but we must not give up. God welcomes everyone at any time of their life. God welcomes all sinners, forgives all sins, and saves them a place for them in Heaven if they obey His word fully. Imagine a better world if we all were as welcoming as Christ.

I know it can be difficult but if you see a new person at church this week, a new kid at school, or a new co-worker….go up and introduce yourself, sit beside them at lunch, escort them around the building and introduce to others. The simple act of kindness can make someone’s day (or even life) a lot better.

God is Good!

Genesis 1:27: So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

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