Do you have a fence around your yard? We built our house a couple of years ago and since we have built it, we have wanted to put a fence up around our back yard. We wanted to do it, not to keep our neighbors away, but to have better control of what goes in and out of our yard. We would be able to let our dog out and not worry about if he will chase a cat down the road. Mainly the fence would be a barrier to help protect our yard and add a small extra layer of security at our home.

Should we build a fence around our life as well? Do we need to build a spiritual fence? I believe we should absolutely build a fence around our spiritual life and if it has a gate, keep it closed. I’m not talking about a fence that will keep people out of your life but a fence that will keep you where you need to be.

What happens when walk down the road every day and you see an opened gate? For months you have taken the same trial and you pass that same opened gate. Eventually, you are going to walk through that gate.

If you leave the gate opened for sin, you will eventually step into it. Yes, we cannot avoid sin but we can avoid putting ourselves in situations that cause you to stumble. It can be easy to walk down the wrong path and before you know it, you are lost in unfamiliar territory and don’t know your way out. If you struggle with a certain sin, maybe its gossip, flirting while you are married, or pornography; you need to build that fence and close the gate. Change the job that you gossip at, remove the contact and relationship with the person you are flirting with, and get rid of your computer or TV to avoid your addition to pornography.

If you have a path that is opened for sin, go ahead and build your fence and gate. Reach out for help. You have the power of God to help you through any situation. He will help you build that fence. We have a large group of Christian family members that are all sinners and struggle from time to time.. We can help you as well. Putting up a fence may not keep the devil out all the time but it will limit to what he can bring into your life.

God is Good

Matthew 5:29 If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell.

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