Cross Country

It is cross country season. Our kids are on the CA Elementary Cross Country team and they have been practicing every Monday and Thursday for the past few weeks. They love running and, unlike their father, are pretty good at it. I love watching the kids run. Wednesday was their first meet of the year. Dozens and dozens of kids lined up at the starting line to start the mile long race that they have been preparing for in all their practices. When the race starts, all of the kids run as fast as they can to get an early lead and try to maintain their lead throughout the whole race. Towards the end of the race, some kids are already wore out, and the ones who trained the most are now starting to pick up speed and sprint their way to the finish line. As the racers cross the finish line, you see pure joy and excitement in their eyes. They have finished the race. They have completed the task they have been training for. Sweet emotions of excitement fill their mind.

Our Christian walk is the same way as a long race. As children, we start learning about Christ and the amazing things He did. We learn how He gave His son to us and Jesus died for us. Later in our child years, we start learning of how we are to be Christ-like in our daily walk. This is in preparation for the “big race”. We then make that decision to follow Jesus and we are baptized. Now, the race has begun. For the rest of our life, we are running a race against the devil and his army. This will be the toughest race we will ever have to run.

We must be prepared to face all types of enemies during our race to get to Heaven. How can we prepare for the reward of eternal life? We must put God first in our life. Get involved with a church family who helps you to remain motivated and strive to please God at all times. Placing yourself in a good biblical, sound congregation is very important. We’ve heard the term “Practice Makes Perfect” but this is not true. From an old basketball coach in Dyersburg, Coach North use to always say “practice doesn’t make perfect…Perfect practice makes perfect”. If we train ourselves as God wants us to, we will get that gift of eternal life. We will be the kids running up to God’s throne one judgement day, excited that we have won ‘the race’.

If you are in a church that is not following the Bible accurately, you will not be following as Christ wants you to. You must find the church that holds ALL biblical values. The members of the church are not perfect by any means but the Bible is. Use the Bible as your guide and you will win the eternal race. If you are looking for a truly sound congregation, I’d love to help you out.

God is Good.

1 Corinthians 1:24 Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.

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