Competing For You

I’m sitting here, a little before midnight, unable to sleep and watching the first episode of the new season of The Voice. I enjoy watching people compete for one of the four judges to love their voice, without seeing them, hit their button and pick them to be on their team. When the judge hits their button and turn their chairs around, they begin to compete to win over the contestant. Only one judge gets chosen.

When it’s judgement day, our amazing God will be sitting on his throne, waiting for you to come through those gates. He really wants you to be with Him in Heaven. It is up to Him to pick you to be on His team. He looks at your life, what you have done to save souls, spread his word, and the love you have spread. He carefully examines each and every one of the deeds you have completed, whether good or bad.

And now it’s time…..Will God hit his button? Will he say “Well done, my good and faithful servant”. Or will he simply just say, I’m sorry but you didn’t make the cut.

If you have any doubt or question that God may not hit his button for you, it’s time that you get your life right with Christ. It’s not too late if you act now. You don’t want to wait until there is no more time. God loves you and is ready to forgive you of all your sins but it’s up to you to repent of those sins.

God is Good.

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