Sunday Again

It is Sunday again!!! The best part of the week. Everyday is about putting our Lord first but on Sunday we come together as a family and worship our Savior. We come together on the first day of the week and take the Lord’s Supper (Acts 20:7). We take this moment to meditate on what Jesus did for us while one this earth and while on the cross. We continue in worship and praise! Sunday is the Lord’s Day. It’s not football, baseball, or golf that is celebrated, it’s our amazing God.

We are to worship our Lord everyday but if you are looking for a place to worship with some amazing people, we can help you. We can find you a biblical congregation that follows God’s commands. We can help you out.

If you are in our area, swing by Southern Hill church of Christ; Franklin; Graymere church of Christ, Columbia; Concord Road church of Christ, Brentwood; Crieve Hall church of Christ, Nashville; Phillip Street church of Christ, Dyersburg; West Dyersburg church of Christ, Dyersburg. There are other great ones I’m missing but these all are great people who have the same goal in life… Getting our family and friends to Heaven.

See you soon!!

God is Good.

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