Hell Is Real

Why do churches avoid preaching about Hell? Why do preachers bounce around the true ramifications of Hell and what it will be like? Why are people afraid to let others know that HELL IS REAL? Hell is real..

Growing up we had preachers that preached what Hell would be like. They would literally preach until you were scared to death of Hell. So what happened? Christians are becoming more soft as the generations get older. We are taught by the world that sin of every type is acceptable. You don’t find any type of outrage over adultery, lying, stealing, or homosexuality. These are things specifically laid out in the Bible as SIN. Christians and non-christians have become very comfortable with sin to the point that very few of them have consequences. If our society does not impose any consequences on sin, adults now are becoming advocates of that sin.

Shouldn’t preachers (and ourselves) be hellfire preachers? Jesus was a hellfire preachers. As a matter of fact, he spoke more of hell than anyone in the Bible. He di with love and compassion, but he did preach it. Hell is punishment…eternal punishment. Once you are there, you are there forever. I’ve heard the saying “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar” and I see that in many congregations we visit. It’s all about not wanting to step on a toe of a brother or sister. You know what….That brother or sister may be struggling with a sin and need their toes stepped on so they can change.

It is up to us to let our brothers and sisters know that Hell is real… Living in sin will get you a direct flight to Hell. There are so many things that are acceptable in our society that God has specifically mentioned those will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you want your friends or family members to die and not make it to Heaven because society has taken a hold of their beliefs? HELL IS REAL..

God is Good..

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