Confidence of a Child

A couple of times this summer, our family has helped with the Berry Farms Farmers Market in Franklin at our church’s booth. People from all over the area come to browse at the crafts, food, and other booths. Each booth has unique things they do to attract people to their booth so they can give out more information on their business or, in our case, congregation.

The Southern Hills booth hosts a giveaway each week that it is setup. The kids are in charge of the task of getting people to sign up for the giveaway. The simple task is to go up to everyone that walks by and ask them to sign up with their name and email address and a winner will be drawn within the week. Hundreds of people walked by the booth during the event and these kids asked almost every one of them to sign up.

Last night, over 70 people signed up but there were hundreds that said “No, Thanks”. Although these kids got turned down almost twice as much as they didn’t, they never once stopped trying to fill out their mission. The kids that work these events do not let rejection get in the way of completing their goals. As adults, we could learn a lot from the heart and confidence of these kids.

In our Christian walk, we need to look at how these kids keep on pushing for their goal and apply it to the way we work with the Lord. When we talk to someone about God, and they reject us, we tend to give up and not have the motivation any longer. We need to learn to overlook the rejection and turn it around to have stronger drive to complete our task. During the event, the kids even asked people multiple times. The first time they were rejected, the second time they were successful. They never gave up. We need to continue to work on the people that reject us, pray for them, and pray that they will eventually live their life for Christ.

God is Good.

Philippians 3:14 “I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

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