Church Vacancies

It is Sunday morning and you roll over in bed and realize that you have over slept. It is 8:00am and you did not hear your alarm go off. The kids decided to sleep later than normal and now you are in rush mode. Church starts at 9AM and you must get yourself and 3 kids ready to leave in time for church. Ironing clothes, breakfast, and showers cause you to be even slower. You knew you should have laid everything out the night before but now its to late. It is now 8:50 and you are leaving for your fifteen-minute drive to church.

You are now at church, walking in and realize that there are dozens of pews opened, just waiting on you to come in and sit down. It appears that churches nowadays are becoming more like this. Don’t get me wrong, there are churches still that pack the pews and you are lucky to get a seat.

What is the reason that these once pew-packed churches now always have vacancies? Some people blame technology and state that people watch services online now instead of physically attending a congregation. Others don’t attend because they don’t feel the spiritual connection with a congregation that they once had.

I blame it all on us, Christians. There are very few people in a local congregation that do any type of outreaching to non-Christians. People are afraid to hurt someone’s feelings about religion therefore they do not try to get anyone into the church family. When people are absent from church, there are not many people who notice, and this leaves people feeling like they are not a part of the family.

So, what are we going to do? Let’s start by asking some one to attend church with you this Wednesday night or Sunday night. Reach out to someone who is not at church often and encourage them to attend and make sure when they do that they are filled with love from others. It is time we start acting like loving Christians. We were made in Christ’s image….We need to be like Christ…Not like the world. If we truly cared about the souls of our non-Christian or even our Christian friends who have slacked off in their walk with Christ, we would be more willing to bring them in.

God Is Good…

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