What do you know about the sloth? Up until a few years ago when the movie Zootopia was released, I didn’t know that sloths were a well known type of animal. The main characteristic of these animals is their slowness and laziness. When they move about, they do not get in any hurry at all. They are on their own time and are not worried about anything else.

As Christians, we can tend to put on the characteristics of a sloth at times. There are times when we are lazy and do not feel like doing things to help ourselves or others grow closer to Christ. We do not go out and reach others.. We tend to mind our own business and not help others during their time of needs. The mind of a sloth is to benefit themselves and not others.

In our daily walk with Christ, we need to remember to be the opposite of the sloth. We need to reach out to those who are in need. If you know someone struggling, pray for them, invite them to your house or to church. We don’t need to put our Faith on cruise control. It’s time to put our foot on the gas and do what the Lord commands us to do.

God is good.

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