Tomorrow Never Comes

What if tomorrow really never comes? You here people always say that tomorrow may not come, we are not promised tomorrow but you never see anyone doing anything any different to prepare themselves. Why is it that we can preach that the Lord can come back at anytime but we don’t do anything at all about it? We don’t tell our friends about the Lord and all of the great things he has done with us. We don’t try to help our struggling friends or family, we don’t invite our neighbors to church.. We just wake up and go about our normal day.

It is Sunday! God has blessed us with another day and the start of another week. So what are you going to do? It is 6:30am and you are awake. The time to make a change is now. God has a place prepared for us and if we follow his commands and live for Him, we will be able to join Him and all of our family that have already passed on that may be waiting for us to arrive. If tomorrow does not come, will your family members in Heaven see your arrival? If you question that, maybe it is time for you to come back to the life of Christ. God is a forgiving God.

God is Good.

Worship at many congregations start at 9AM and some earlier. Join us for worship if you are in the Middle Tennessee area at Southern Hills church of Christ.

If you would like to share this and tag your congregation, please do so. We are all one family in Christ.

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