Can People See God in you

Can people tell if you are a Christian? If someone was to sit back and observe your life, your daily routines, would they be able to tell if you are a Christian?

Christ commands us to put Him first in all things. When we are given the opportunity to attend a worship service, we should go. If we are given the opportunity to attend an event that has a chance to impact someone’s spiritual life, we should go.

But what do you choose? Do you choose to stay at home and watch Sunday night football during your normal service time? You child has a sporting even Sunday, do you choose to take your child to the event instead of worship services?

When people see you at a baseball or football game instead of worship services, do you believe they can tell that you are a Christian? If you are skipping your opportunity to worship our God, you are putting worldly things before Christ and that is a sin.

Growing up, I am proud to say that Sundays and Wednesdays were off limits to sports for us. If a game was played on Sunday during worship times, we did not attend. If practice or a game was on Wednesday nights, we did not attend. Christ came first then, and Christ still comes first now.

So what do you look like to others? Are you the Christian that says all the right words and does some right things but, in the end, you let the world illustrate who you really are? It will be sad to see that some of those who think they are saved but only worship our Lord when it is convenient for them, are not really saved. God knows our heart and He will be the judge of it one day.

Good news for us is that if you are that person who chooses to live life your way and not Christ’s way, you can change now. I’ve said it many times, you don’t need an appointment to be saved. You don’t have to wait for a special day of baptism to be washed away of your sins. Our church family will be willing to meet you right now to study with you. If you are ready, we can meet now at a river, creek, or any body of water and take care of that important task. If you are already a Christian and simply struggle with putting Christ first, we will pray for you. You need to repent of those sins. We will be there to support you 100%. Always message me if you need any help.

God is Good..

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