Radio DJ

Do you listen to the radio? We listen to the radio quite often, especially when stuck in traffic in the mornings. But I have to admit, some DJs are…well…boring. They get on and ramble and try to make jokes but things just don’t fall into place for them. Then, you have the DJs that are just awesome and don’t even have to try. Listeners tune in each morning just to hear what they have to say and know their days may be brightened by listening to them. I’m not endorsing any DJ but we are fans of the Bobby Bones Show. They are real, funny, and passionate about what they do. In the radio business, DJs are the ones that make the radio station a success. With the right people in place working hard to accomplish the same goals, they will be a success.

In our daily walk with Christ, we are all DJs and are main job is to spread the good news of Jesus and what he has done for us. What type of DJ are you? Are you the type that doesn’t work at all to make sure all of the listeners are tuning in each day? Do you just do enough to get through your day so you can start a new day? Or are you the DJ who wakes up every morning looking to make a difference in someone’s life? You know that there is a potential for millions of ears to hear you so you make sure you do the best job you can in spreading God’s love across everyone.

People see all of our actions and if we want to be a good Christian and try to be a positive influence to others and bring them to Christ, we need to realize what it actually takes to do this. We must be confident in our message. Not only that, we must be the example that God wants us to be. Be the DJ who spreads the word with enthusiasm not with doubt.

If you are struggling with your commitment to Christ, there is not better time than now to change. Let Him make you the best DJ that you could possibly be.

God is Good…

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