Political Posts

It’s almost November. This time of year you see many posts on social media, television ads, and radio commercials of many different types of political members running for different positions in government. Thousands and thousands of man hours are spent along with millions of dollars to try to get their person elected. We leave our house and see hundreds of signs just on our short drive to our destination. People spend so much time and effort trying to make their candidate the most popular and most loved by everyone. Each try to convert others to believe their candidate or political party is the best.

As Christians, what if we spent a tenth of the time and effort in displaying our love for Christ as politicians do trying to win an election? What if we posted to social media multiple times a day about the great things God has done for us? What do you think would happen if we spent thousands of dollars on trying to convert people to Christ? What if we tried harder to save a soul than we do electing a government official?

We need to look at what our agenda in life is. As Christians, we should be showing people the love of Christ in our life. We should not be worried about promoting our candidates. I am not saying that we should not vote for the one who follows the more biblical views than world views and I am not saying that we should not promote those people. What we need to do is make sure that people know that we are followers of Christ. Let our friends know that we are God’s children and try to get our non-Christian acquaintances to know Christ as well.

Devote time over the next few days to post what Christ has done for you.

God is Good…

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