In Control

We live in a world where everyone tries to be better than everyone else at everything. When our friend gets a new iPhone, we want to get it to. We don’t only want to get it, we want to get the bigger one. It goes beyond just electronics… I’m sure you all know people who work hard to try to have more than their friends and then they actively show it off when they do. It works with giving as well. Giving is a great thing to do, when it is done right, but many times people do it just to show off that they give more than others.

Ashley saw something a few days ago on a facebook group that she is a member of that said “Why are we trying to keep up with the Jones’, why aren’t we trying to keep up with Jesus?”. This is a very accurate statement. Why do we spend so much time focusing on our Earthly possessions and always wanting more but then we don’t spend much time at all wanting to spend time with the Lord. We don’t go out and invite people to worship. It is sad to see that the Christian population is declining because of the lack of enthusiasm in our quest to get to Heaven. We are eager to post on facebook about our new cars, new house, and new phones but you never see many people post about the blessings of the Lord.

Our world is falling away from the Lord and being overtaken by the Devil. The devil is winning by introducing the world’s view into our lives and letting them control us. It is time that we stop with trying to keep up with the Jones’s and get on the boat with Jesus.

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