How Many Chances

18How often do we tell our kids “OK, one more chance!” when they do something wrong and we have already got onto them once. It seems like this happens often in our family and mostly with me. I hate to see my kids hurt and that’s a flaw of my own. Should we keep giving them chance after chance when disobeying?

God is a God of second chances. He constantly gives us forgiveness when we do wrong. There are many examples in the Bible of people who got second chances. While we are on Earth, God will give us one more chance as long as we wholeheartedly repent and want his forgiveness.

Then, when we die… and we are standing in front of God in judgement day.. Will there be a second chance? God will not look at us and say “You know what Brandon, you were pretty bad when you were alive on earth and I feel sorry for you. I’m going to send you back down and give you one more shot”. Yes, God is a forgiving God but when your time on earth is over and all of your second chances on earth have passed, there will be no redos. It’s over..

When it comes to our children, we do need to forgive them when they disobey but we need to follow through with their punishment. We do this out of love so they will learn right from wrong and will not be a pushover to us parents when they grow older.

God forgives us when we sin but when time is up, He follows through with his punishment.

If you are in need of a second chance, God will give it to you now. You must take advantage of it while you are in your earthly body but He will forgive you. Please repent and confess and if you aren’t a Christian, you can be baptized and live a life with Him. Don’t let time on earth pass because when it’s over, the chances have ended.

God is Good

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