Holiday Posts

It is the holiday season time and there are literally hundreds of multi-level marketing businesses that are piling up daily on my news feed. Friends all over Facebook and other social media platforms spend countless hours posting the best sales, best products, unbelievable once in a lifetime products, and the opportunity to join the best company in the world. These people whole-heatedly believe that the company they have invested in is the best and they passionately try to spread the word about it to help it grow to new heights. Why do they do this? Because they have been blessed by these companies at one point or another either by monetary gifts or other items.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting your company. I do it with my woodworking, Ashley’s photography, and other things. These benefit our family and I strongly encourage people to find their niche and do the same. God tells us to provide for our family and this is one way to do it.

From previous posts, you have noticed that I am a strong believer in using social media for sharing God’s good news: Social Evangelism. Sharing how God has blessed you on your news feeds can help those who are lacking in faith see how amazing God is and may help them come closer to Him as well. In 1 Corinthians, Paul was so enthusiastic about spreading God’s word that he adjusted his approach to each person that he met. The same can work with our social media. We know that people like social media, it is the number one peer to peer platform and we can share God’s news, lovingly, thru it.

What if every one of you (and myself) took time to post more about our God and promoted Him like we do our businesses? If we simply posted one blessing post for every work-related post we share, we could slowly make a positive Godly impact on our world. Facebook claims to have approximately 1.4 billion, yes billion, active daily users. We are commanded to spread His word and this is one way to do it. We need to drop the amount constant posts about the businesses that are going to make us millions and start posting about the God who will bless us well beyond what these companies could ever promise. (I’m not saying drop them 100% but post more of our love for God). Heaven is the future, not clear skin, amazing weight loss, or elegant smells. These earthly things don’t matter but our eternity does.

God is Good.

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