Wizard of Oz

Once again, our country has been devastated by another shooting. As we were explaining to our kids about the tragedy, one asked what was wrong with our world? The first thought was that we were living in the Wizard of Oz world. How could we be comparing our countries current state to this classic movie? It’s very simple.

Tin Man: People have adapted to the world and have lost their heart. They no longer have love and do not have any care for someone else’s life. The Tin Man lacked a heart and could not feel hurt when things went wrong.

Scarecrow: The scarecrow lacked a brain. People across our country are not using their brain to think before they act. They simply react quickly and don’t think of the consequences.

Lion: The lion represents those who do not have the courage to stand up for what is right. He was coward and was afraid of everything he came across.

Until they visited Oz, they thought they were missing all of these important functions. Once they got there, they realized all along they had a heart, a brain, and was courageous. These traits were lost and they needed someone to help them find them.

Our country is lost.. But we can be a lion, STAND UP for Christ and with that comes the love and compassion that our country needs. God blessed us with and amazing opportunity to live for Him and grow His kingdom. Imagine what our country would be like if we all lived for Christ.

God is Good.

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