Yesterday morning during worship, our preacher mentioned a phrase that stuck in my head. I quickly made a note of it and thought about this simple phrase that means so much. Mr. Aubrey was preaching on repentance and stated “You can’t be a hoarder and have order”. Have you been to someone’s house who is a true hoarder? I’m not talking of someone who has an attic full of junk; I’m talking paths that you have to walk around inside the house just to get from room to room. You may have or you may have seen the reality show as well but either way, it is a big mess.

Hoarding does not always have to be with physical things that we don’t want to get rid of but can be something emotional or spiritual as well. Hoarding bad choices was something that I dealt with when I was in college. One bad choice after another. It seemed the more bad choices that were made, the easier it was to keep doing it. People who have issues with continuing to make bad choices are the same as those who hoard materialistic things. At some point they will realize they need help.

Hoarding sin is an addiction and just like an addict, there is time that there needs to be a change. Are you covering up your talents because of choices that you have chose to make in the world? Do you know someone who is struggling with bad choices in their life and it has hid their true personality? You can’t be a hoarder and have order in your life.

God calls us to love everyone and help those who are in need. God also calls for us to repent of our sins if we are the ones who need the help. Whether it is you or a friend, God is here to help. There is no better time to make a change, get rid of the junk that is hiding your spiritual talents that are blocking you from accomplishing your goal of eternity with Christ. We have an amazing Christian family that is here to help but you must be willing to let us in your life to help.

God is good!

Proverbs 19:3 The foolishness of a man twists his way, And his heart frets against the Lord.

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