Good Acts Don’t Cover Sin

We live in a world where people are constantly hurting each other. Every day we see people getting shot, robbed, and more. It is sad to see the way the world has become in the past few decades.

With all of the bad in the world, there are actually people who truly care about helping others. They spend their time and money assisting with different types of charities that help the poor, victims of crimes, and other people in life impacting situations.

We are commanded to “Give, and it will be given to you……..For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you” (Luke 6:38).

I was watching television a few days ago and a talk show came on right after one of my favorite game shows went off the air. This unnamed ‘celebrity’ invited a heroic family onto the show. The host rewarded this family with an amazing vacation. I’ve seen this show before and this act of kindness is done a lot by this host. I could see how many people look up to this host as someone who shows Christ-like love towards others.

Sadly, this host has chosen to live a life of sin. It is no secret that this person lives in this sin because it has been publicized for many years. There have been many events that the host has attended in support of specific non-biblical lifestyles.

Does the amazing acts of kindness, love, and support that people show cover up the fact that they have chose to live in constant sin?

Let me be clear.. Every person, Christian or not, lives with the struggle of sin every day. We all make mistakes and we have the ability to get forgiveness of those sins.

Unfortunately, there are some (like the talk show host) who choose to waive their rights and live in their sins.  Matthew 12:31 stats that if we reject Christ, we will not be forgiven. There are many people who have rejected Christ because they do not want to work with Him. If you are not with Jesus and what He specifically lays out in the Bible of what can introduce you to Hell, then you are against Him. You have rejected Him.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are in the same situation as the talk show host. They are very hospitable and love helping other people who are in difficult situations but none of that matters if they live their life in sin against Christ. We can only lift them up to God in prayer that they will one day, hopefully sooner than later, realize that they cannot continue to purposely live their life living in sin against God and spend eternity with Him.

If you know someone personally who chooses to live in sin, please lift their name up and pray for them. We can’t ask for their forgiveness; that is up to them to repent. We can ask for God to continue to bless their life in hopes that they will come out of their sinful life and repent. If they are Christians, God will forgive. If they are not Christians, we can help guide them through the steps to become a Christian and have that chance of eternity with Him.

God is Good

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