Don’t Lose Eternity..

It is Friday and you have had a hard week at work. The last day of the week, you are ready for a relaxing day before the weekend. The weather is beautiful outside and the weekend plans have you excited to head home after work. You love your job and the people that you work with. For the past 9 years, you have devoted so much time and effort into this company that has grown until your family. You are blessed with a great place to work.

Just as your day starts, a meeting invitation arrives in your email. The meeting is a private meeting with your director. Without any hesitation, you head up to the meeting room to see what the emergent meeting is about. Your boss sits you down and proceeds to the other side of the table. The look on his face has you questioning what this spur of the moment meeting could really include. He looks at you, then his paper, and back up at you. “You’ve been with this company for 9 years and have demonstrated an excellent work ethic. Unfortunately, we are at a point that we are going to have to let you go”. Your heart sinks and questions begin to fill your mind. The place you have grown to love has now cut ties with you.

Losing a job can be dramatic for many people. It is a hard time that you experience and you begin to question your identity within your professional life. What do you do now? What do you tell your family? How are you going to make it financially?

The loss of a job can be dramatic and temporary but the loss of your home in Heaven will last forever. People spend their livelihood worried about their job and work towards promotions but in reality, what really matters?

Although you have lost your job, you still have one main job and that is to get to Heaven and take as many people with you as possible. When we lose a job, we go out looking for one as often as we can. But do we do that with Christ? Do we go out looking for ways to serve Him? We are always at risk to lose our eternity with God.

Each day we should look at ways to invest our time into His word. Teach our kids and neighbors the true value of what Christ brings to the table and how amazing our reward will be when our time on earth has been completed. As follower of Christ, we need to work as hard or harder than we do at our current jobs in an effort to get people to Heaven. There are many ways to reach people by sharing God’s story, His Word.

It seems like a simple task but the majority of people do not do it, work hard to get your family and friends into Heaven. Make this job your number one job that way you will not be at risk of losing it, forever.

God is Good!

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