What is your bandaid?

What’s your bandaid?

You are preparing dinner for you family. The dinner that was chosen requires you to cut up a lot of vegetables to be sauteed so you have to make sure you cut them small and thin in so they will cook even. You go to your drawer and you pick the sharpest knife that you have and begin to slice the vegetables. About half-way through the job, you take your eye off of the vegetable for just a second, while still cutting, and you cut your finger. The first thing you do is run and get a bandaid.

Why do we run and get a bandaid when we get hurt? We do it because we know that it will help stop the bleeding. It will not stop the pain but it helps contain the flow of the blood out of the wound. The longer the bandaid is on our finger, the quicker it clots the cut and the quicker it begins to heal.

What do you use in your life when you are emotionally in pain? Do you run to a friend for help? Do you fall to alcohol or another type of drug that covers your current situation but does not heal it? How do you handle things when you aren’t able to heal yourself?

The best part about our life is that we have an ultimate healer. We have the Bible to use as our bandaid. The best part about the Bible is that it does not only stop the bleeding in your life but it also has the ability to heal as well. God is the ultimate physician and He has given us all of the tools to help us survive. 

There have been times in my life where I used alternative resources to try to heal the pain and struggles I was going through. In the moment, I thought they were healing me but in reality it was only making it worse and dragging my life further away from Christ.

If you are on that same path, covering your struggles with resources that do not help your relationship with Christ, God will help you. There are amazing groups of Christians brothers and sisters ready to pray for you and get you back on the right path. It is up to you to reach out to the ultimate doctor and ask Him to heal you. The quicker we run to God, the quicker our hearts will heal. 

God is Good.

Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds.

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