Who’s Your Candidate?

The moment we all have been waiting to arrive for months has finally arrived. The end of the election. All of the candidates had spent thousands (and some millions) of dollars to try to get elected. Each one had the individual goals that they wanted to push out to their state. The results are now in and for the next few days we will be hearing the positive and negative impacts of each.

For months, most candidates, have been ripping apart their opponents. Dragging each other through the mud trying to get people to see all the negative about the other. While on the campaign trail, each has tried to give a vision of what they stand for and what they will attempt to do when elected.

While visiting city after city, each candidate makes many promises just to get the votes they need. Then, after the election is over, the candidates do not ever seem to follow through with some (or most) of the promises they made. It appears that they make unrealistic promises that they know they can’t follow through.

There is one person that we can count on to tell us exactly what we need to hear and will never back out on His world. He may tell us things that we do not want to hear but we can guarantee what He says will be in our best interest and our best health. His son came to earth to campaign for Him and spread His amazing word. There was never a lie spoken and to this day, the promises He has made is still set in stone. Although there are millions of people that do not follow Him or believe in Him, He still goes through each day blessing the lives of many. The best candidate for any position on earth, our amazing Father, the backbone of mankind….The all loving God.

People sink their fortunes into trying to get their favorite political candidate elected but they tend to overlook our Father. If people would spend the millions of dollars they spent on their earthly candidates and turn it to serving our Lord, the world would start to turn around for the positive and Christ would be back into more households and schools everywhere.

If you are struggling with putting Christ first in your life, we will pray for you. God will help you and give you more than any political candidate can promise you but it is up to you to start following Him again.

God is Good.

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