How healthy are your teeth?

Do you go to the dentist much? I have to admit, I go to the dentist once every few years. Now before you start thinking weird things about my mouth, I do brush my teeth twice a day and take care of my teeth, I just don’t go to the dentist much. Luckily for the kids, we take them to the dentist as recommended.

Our teeth are important to us and we must take care of them properly. If you don’t brush your teeth, your teeth can turn yellow, be stained, start rotting and eventually fall out. When we don’t take care of our teeth, they can become painful and we may have to have surgery to repair them and may not ever be the same again.

This may sound odd but our Christian life can be the compared to our teeth. The life cycle of our teeth are the same as our life before and after we have accepted Christ. When we are children before we are baptized, we have our baby teeth. The baby teeth fall out and are replaced with new ones. Once we are baptized, our old life is gone and our new life with Christ replaces it. Now, we are living with Christ and we must take care of our life.

Living our life with God is valuable. Like our teeth, we must take care of our relationship with Christ. Our relationship with Him must be kept in great health. If we drift apart and quit worshiping Him and putting our faith in Him, our life will start to decay. The further we fall for Christ, the harder it will be to get clean again.

Our God is a loving God. If you have drifted away from Christ, you can be right back on God’s side. It is up to you to repent of your wrongdoings and start your life over with Him.

In order to keep your life with Christ healthy, you will need to surround yourself with great Christian people, study His word, and maintain a healthy prayer life.

If you need help, please let us pray for you. Reach out to someone and ask for prayers. If you need a great Christian family to help you, we can help that as well. It is up to you to let us know so we can surround you with love.

God is Good.

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