Do you ever have those days that you just feel defeated? From the time you get up until the time you lay down to go to sleep, your day has not gone as you wanted it to. It was hard to get on track, no motivation at the office, and when you got home it was the same way. Just a hard day. You are ready for this day to end so you can start a new day, fresh and enjoyable.

There are many times that I feel like everything that happens to me just drags me down more. Whether it be at work or at home, I feel like I get beat up. It’s nothing intentional that anyone does to me, it is just how the day starts and ends with lack of motivation. I feel like the day simply defeated me.

No matter how many times our life gets shot down, there is one thing that you can promise will always be a win. If you proclaim Christ as your Savior, you are guaranteed a win in life. You will have to work hard and practice your faith as much as possible when you are on His team.

The world may appear to be defeating Christians each and every day. The gospel of Christ has been pulled out of businesses and schools. The world seems to be ahead. Our time on earth is limited and when it is our time to go, if we are a follower of Christ, we will win. We will get the ultimate gift of eternal life with Christ. There will be no defeating us.

It is our job to pick as many people to be on our team and take them with us. We have an amazing Christian family that I am proud to spend eternal life with. When your time on earth is done, and you do not want to lose, you need to repent of your sins, live for Christ, and work on taking others with you. We’d love to have you a part of our family.

God is Good.

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