Blurred Vision

Do you wear contacts? I had Lasik a few years ago so I no longer wear contacts. Unfortunately, Ashly has not had any type of surgery to help her vision and still wears contacts daily to help her be able to see things. Last night as we were in the living room watching a “Shark Tank” re-run, she was talking about her contacts being blurry.

Over the past few days, she has had many issues with her contacts causing her discomfort. When she looks out of her eyes with contacts, she sees a blurry world. The ability to see and do things still exists but she is unable to comfortably participate in everyday things. If she was to remove her contacts, she would not be able to see at all.

We live in a world that has developed an extremely blurred vision for Christ. People take the Bible, read it, and interpret it in many different ways than it is actually meant. The media and other direct outlets (such as social media) have helped to develop a vision of what the world should be and not how God intended for it to be. For example, our culture has been taught over the past decade that the acceptance of homosexuality is a must and is the “right” thing to do. We are told that even as Christians, we are to accept that being gay is okay. People go as far as to say that even Christ accepts this. It goes beyond just homosexuality; other obvious scriptural sins such as abortion and drunkenness have been accepted in our society.

The vision that our culture has created is a blurred vision of what is scripturally correct. When we grow comfortable with the blurred lifestyle we find ourselves beginning to question what is really correct. We start questioning what the Bible really says and tend to stray from Christ.

We must take God’s Word seriously or our spiritual vision becomes blurred and we will disobey Him.

If you are living a life with a blurred vision and are not following Christ as you should, please reach out to God in prayer and ask for repentance. You do not want to go through life thinking that the false teachings are correct. When judgment day comes, Christ will not give you a mulligan just because you chose to believe the world and not His teachings.

God is a forgiving God but it is up to you to repent and start living your life with a clear view of His love.

God is Good.

Take time to read Exodus 32 on how the Israelites had allowed their own desires to blur their spiritual vision.

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