Is your spiritual account locked?

Technology has been a great tool over the past few decades. Recent improvements have made it even more useful in our everyday life. Sometimes technology can get annoying. For example, my website ( has been automatically locked a few times over the past few days. I’ve been on the phone with support a few times trying to determine what could be the issue. Being on hold for hours at a time every few days can be troublesome but it is something I must do to keep my site running.

Being locked out is not pleasant at all. We must reach out to someone in a higher up position to unlock our accounts. If we don’t contact someone to get us unlocked, we are unable to do our work and could result in the loss of a job or customers if you have your own company.

Our spiritual life is the same way. When we sin, we are locking our account with Christ. What is the best way to get our account with God unlocked? We have to reach out to the one who controls our account, our soul. Christ is the only one who can clear our issues and get us back on track to continue a life with Him.

You may be the one who has been locked out of your spiritual account for a long time. Many of us have been down that same path. For some, it was a quick fix and for others, it took years to realize the issue and determine a resolution. Tragic events can help one realize when they are broken and need help. Again, there is only one person that can assist with fixing you. You can reach out to as many people as you like but they can only guide you on the right path. It is up to you to repent and ask for your spiritual account to be unlocked.

God is a loving, forgiving God and if you mess up from time to time, a simple, heartfelt, honest prayer to him for forgiveness is all it takes. If you need prayer or someone to talk to, please reach out to a brother or sister in Christ.

If you are not yet a Christian and you are looking to open an account with the only one who can give you eternal life, we can help you. We can guide you to the door and show you the Truth. Please let us let you be a part of our amazing family  

God is Good.

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