Do you know the truth about alcohol?

How many of you have never really known the truth about what the Bible says about alcohol? Growing up, I never was informed of what the Bible actually meant when it referenced different types of alcohol. For years I was under the impression that alcohol was only wrong if you made it take over your life. Seeing people, members of the church, out drinking a beer or two didn’t seem to register that they were doing something that was clearly against what Christ teaches us in the Bible.

I know that this is a post that many will simply disagree with and maybe someone will comment that I am wrong on my thoughts. I was there once and believed the same thing. As a matter of fact, I was the person who didn’t mind having a drink with a meal or even more. When you learn what the Bible really means when it mentions things in the Bible, it can be life changing.

I am not going to openly defend my comments on social media but I want to encourage everyone to take a moment and watch a sermon preached by a good friend of mine. The sermon will be at 9 AM on the Southern Hills church of Christ Facebook page. Links to stream the sermon are below.

Matt Lyndoe has spent a long time studying this topic in depth from the original languages of the Bible. His knowledge of the subject is impeccable. Everything that he mentions comes directly from God’s word.

If you know someone who struggles with alcohol or has had questions themselves about the what the Bible really means when it mentions alcohol, please share the links below or attend in person at Southern Hills church of Christ.

God is Good..

Southern Hills church of Christ

2508 Goose Creek By-Pass
Franklin, TN 37064

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