Dumpster Diving!

One of my hobbies that I have adopted over the past couple of years is woodworking. This activity relaxes me while it also gives me the ability to make things that people can enjoy for years to come. I started doing wood crafts when my beautiful wife wanted a shelf for the closet. That one task led to snowmen, scarecrows, furniture, clocks, and more. It is fun to make and even more exciting to see the happiness in a persons’ life when they receive their item.

When I make items, 90% of the wood I use comes from dumpsters. Yes, I said dumpsters. With permission from an alderman, I have permission to utilize construction dumpsters for my projects. You are thinking, “How gross!”. Actually, it is not really that bad. The wood is fresh wood, most of the time new wood, that has just been tossed away because the project did not call for that piece of wood. That is where I come in. I jump in that dumpster, grab that nice piece of wood and throw it in the vehicle and off to transform it into a piece of art! It gets a second chance at life!

In our Christian life, we too are like a piece of wood that has been given a second chance at life. Before we are Christians, we are the piece of kenneling hanging out in the dumpster waiting to be saved by someone who can change your life. Then, we obey the gospel and are baptized as commanded, we are removed from the dumpster and transformed by Christ into a beautiful piece of artwork.

Throughout our life, our outer appearance may start to fade and the beauty of Christ does not shine as it had before. Like wood, we may need to be refinished. When we recommit ourselves to Christ, repent of sins that bring us down, and start living for Him again; Christ shines in us again.

If you are fading from Christ and need to be refinished, reach out Christ today. We have a family of amazing people that can help you as well. It is up to you! If you are like the piece of wood in the dumpster waiting for someone to rescue you, please allow us to help as well! We know someone who can reimage your life!

God is Good!

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