Are you a stumbling block or stepping stone?

Turn Your stumbling block into a stepping stone.

New Year’s Eve is coming up. To many, New Year’s Eve is viewed as a time to get out enjoy time with friends. It can be an excuse to stay out late, go downtown, and simply relax. It is often a reason to party, a reason to have an alcoholic drink, and a reason to dress in clothes that you would never be seen in on any other day of the year. It is a worldly holiday that, if not planned appropriately, is overloaded with sin. Many believe that because it is a holiday, rules no longer apply, and they are exempt from the sins they indulge themselves with.

As Christians, it is very important that we do not present ourselves with situations that can cause others to think differently of you. You are a representation of Christ, trying to live in His image, and it is important that no matter what the situation is, we are not a stumbling block.

Are you a stumbling block to yourself or others around you? Skandalon is the Greek word for stumbling block found in Romans 14:13. Simply put, the definition of skandalon is any person or thing that is drawn into the error of sin. Pretty straightforward. We are commanded not to be a stumbling block to others around us. What does that entail of? Anything that has the potential to cause another person to fall into any sin.

Let’s say that you are an active, faithful Christian and leader within your congregation and community. It is New Year’s Eve and you want to relax and enjoy the festivities as others do. You go to the local grocery and get a six-pack of beer and head to your next destination. You are thinking, ‘it is only a couple of beers, what could it hurt?’. What you didn’t realize is that while you were buying your beer that a teenager in a local youth group passed by and saw you purchasing your beverages of the night. He saw that there was beer in your cart. He knows you are an active Christian. The teenagers first thought is that it must be okay to drink and be a faithful follower of Christ as well, right?

The teenager, who previously turned down every drinking party they had been asked to attend, has now decided to attend a party that night to have a few drinks as well. In turn, it led to a long-lasting period of drunkenness at many parties and events. But, the teen now believes it is okay since a Christian was doing it.

So, what happened? The Christian man in the example was a stumbling block to the teen.  We must be careful in all things we do because you never know who may be watching you and what their history may contain. If you cause someone to stumble and fall, you are responsible for the soul that is on the downward slope.

What can we do to make sure we are the example Christ wants us to be? As Christians, during each event that we attend and each trial that gets presented to us, we need to look at it as an opportunity to turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone. Look at it to make a positive impact on everyone that you may see. Remember, you will never know who all has eyes on you and if you are presenting a Christ-like image you could bring people closer to Jesus.

If you are someone who believes your actions have been a stumbling block to others, God will forgive you. It is up to you to repent of those sins and you can start your path of stepping stones to Christ.

God Is Good

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