Life’s Scavenger Hunt

How many of you have ever been geocaching?

For those of you who haven’t heard of it or have heard but are not familiar with it; it is basically a scavenger hunt. This type of scavenger hunt includes caches (objects/containers) that are placed at specific coordinates throughout the country in hopes that someone will find them.

In today’s technology world, geocaching can simply be done from your smartphone. It will navigate you within a few feet of the object and then it is up to you to do the rest of the work. A few years ago, you actually had to log onto their app, print off your coordinates, and then you had to rely on your compass to get you to the coordinates in hopes that they were correct, and you could find what you were looking for.

One of the best parts about the geocaching adventure is that you do not know what type of device, or container, you are looking for. It could be something as small as an eraser on the end of a pencil to as big as a 5-gallon bucket. The suspense of not knowing helps to drive the person’s motivation to get to the end prize.  

The path to these geocaches can be a simple smooth journey that may end up attached to a magnetic key holder on a light pole. Other journeys can take you deep into the swamps, at night, and with only a flashlight and a pencil.

Our Christian path can be much like the game of geocaching. We have our app, the Bible, that we can utilize to guide us down the right path. The path, at times, may be very smooth and we can breeze through days without any conflict or battles with the devil. Then, we have the days that we are barely able to stand up and fight. These days bring us down, drag us through the mud, and leave us beaten by the world. Luckily, we get back up, grab our app (the Bible), and refocus ourselves and continue the journey to find our prize.

Being a Christian, we aren’t searching for an unknown device in the middle of the swamps. We know exactly what we are hunting for and the steps to success are given to us. We all have access to this guide and can use it any anytime.

To find our prize, of eternal life with Christ, when we are on our journey, we need to have trust in Him, Faith in Him, and Hope in Him. We must remember that, as Christians, we will move out of familiar places and often be on a path towards an unknown place. If we keep our trust, faith, and hope in Christ, we will overcome these obstacles and will experience victory, eternal life with Him.

Christians, if you are on a rocky path that you are having troubles getting down and you have forgotten your guide to life, God is a prayer away. If you repent, God will forgive you and continue to hold your hand, so you can get off the beaten path you are on. He is the only one that can pave your road with new pavement so there will not be as many bumps in your future.

If you are not a Christian and you are stuck in a rough spot and need someone to help you, Christ is there for you as well. Let our Christian family embrace you, love you, and help you get on the path to eternal life. There is only one way to never experience death and that is to live for Christ.

God is Good.

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