Parenting… Flesh vs Spirit

This week I have posted a few times on parenting. Why have I been posting so much recently on parenting? It is not because I am a perfect parent. It is because I am FAR from a perfect parent. The majority of my posts talk to me and many talks about me. Parenting is hard. You only have one shot at it and you have to get it right. As I look around today, I see many kids who are heading down the wrong path. They are living in sin in many ways and they do not even know it. Some of these kids know what they are doing is completely wrong where others have no clue.

So whose fault is it that these kids are on the wrong road? It is the parents. The way you parent has a drastic impact on the way your kids turn out. My kids aren’t perfect and my parenting skills are not perfect but I can promise you one thing, I will have Christ in their life and will strive to grow them to be like Christ.

Today, at Southern Hills church of Christ, Dr. Brad Harrub will be speaking on the subject of parenting. Brad is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to scripture. He will be presenting on “Parenting in the Spirit vs Parenting in the Flesh”.

Do you love your children enough to want them to live forever? Yes, they can live forever and so you can you. If you have Christ, you never die. You go on to live in a more beautiful place.

Tune in today, or join us in person, to learn how you can help raise your children in a Christ-like image.


God is Good.

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Photo credit (Brad Harrub)


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