Today is Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas from the Brooks Family!

Why do we really celebrate Christmas? Do you celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas? If we were to take a poll of how many people actually spend Christmas celebrating the birth of the One who died for our sins, would we be shocked to see that many do not?

For many, Christmas is about getting together with friend and family and opening up presents. Christ is never mentioned.

It may be true that we don’t know the actual birth date of Jesus but it does not hurt to set aside a time each year to come together and celebrate His birth.

Today is Christmas Day. Let’s use this day to glorify God. When we wake up, let’s stop and give thanks. Give thanks to God for sending His son to earth to die for all of our sins.

Today is Christmas Day. This may be the easiest time of the year to talk to people about Jesus. If you are given the opportunity, use it to spread His word.

Today, when you gather with your family to eat a meal, open presents, and fellowship with one another. Remember that God gave us the ultimate gift of the birth of His Son who took all of our sins to the cross with Him.

Let’s remember this day for what it was created for.

God is Good.

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