How are you wired?

I hope you all have had a Merry Christmas!

For the past few months, Ashley’s parents have had a light in the house that has not worked correctly. We’ve messed with it a few times and tried to get it to work but it would not ever work. So, yesterday, we decided we were going to fix it.

I climbed up into the attic and started to get to work on re-wiring the light. This house is an older house and built very solid. The wiring still has a lot of the cloth covered wires that were used decades ago. One thing that I noticed very quickly was that each time someone added anything to the house, they piggybacked off of a certain light. There were wires running all over the attic and most went right back to this one place. The wires looked like a birds nest. Luckily, the wires are white and black so you could tell which was which.

It appears the additional outlets and lights that were added were not added properly. This caused mass confusion for us working on the light and took a long time to decipher which wires went where.

We decided to start fresh. Instead of trying to untangle the wires, we ran a new wire directly from the light, down the wall,  and into a new switch. This was much easier and did not take near as long.

Our Christian life is the same way as the wiring in a house. When we are young, we have fresh wires that are properly running. As we grow older, people tend to add things to our lives. The negative things that are introduced to our life cause our life to become tangled up. Each time something is improperly added, the worse it gets and the harder it is to get our lives straight. We can spend years working to get our life back to where it needs to be.

God can help get our life untangled quickly. For Christians, we must repent of the negative things that are impacting our lives. Pray for forgiveness of the sins that disrupted our lives and He will instantly forgive us of everything. This gives us a fresh start in our spiritual walk.

For those who haven’t obeyed the Gospel, it works the same for you! Repent of your sins, confess, and submit to Christ through baptism and you as well will have a fresh start.

If you are either of these, the time is now. God is waiting for you. He can save your soul and then you can work on taking others to Heaven with you.

God is Good.

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