Cloud of Dust

Happy New Years Eve…

Brad Paisley has always been one of my favorite singers. He has some songs that are great that deal with life situations. One of the songs that I love the most from him was never released as a single. Many people do not even know that it exists. The song is “Cloud of Dust”.

For those who have never heard it, check it out on YouTube. The song starts out with a farmer plowing a field that is struggling to grow. It is struggling to grow because it has not had rain in a long time. The farmer’s income is reliant on the farm and without rain, the entire farm has a risk of being foreclosed on. He continues to pray for rain in hopes that his farm will be saved.

The farmer continues to try his hardest to get his fields to grow but as the song closes, it was still just a cloud of dust. He never quit having faith in God above.

I wish I knew how the farmer’s future turned out. I hope that his prayers were answered and his farm was saved but if it wasn’t, God had other plans for him.

Do you know someone who you have been working on trying to become a Christian for a long time? The more you mention Christ to them, the more they seem turned away. You invite them to events, to worship, and other things that involve Christians but nothing seems to help.

There are also times when we have planted a seed in someone’s life but it never seems to go any further than that. You work hard to try to get them involved but again, nothing helps.

We are like the farmer trying to get his fields to grow. We need to continue to have faith in Christ and never give up trying to grow the other person spiritually. Continue to plow their field even though it seems that we are just stuck in a cloud of dust.

Keep your faith in Christ. Continue to work hard to bring others to Christ, to spread His word, and help others get to Heaven.

Tomorrow is a New Year. If God blesses us with another day, let’s make it a point to get a fresh start and live for Him as we should.


God is Good.

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