Day of New Beginnings

Happy New Year!
Can you believe that it is 2019 already? It seems like just last week that we were bringing in the 2018 year. Time has flown by.
What does the new year represent? To many, it represents a new beginning. It is a time to start something that they have been putting off for a long time. The first day of the year is the most popular day for many because it serves as a starting line. January 1st, the day that many begin their resolutions that will hopefully change their life.
A quick google search this morning shows the following as the top four 2019 resolutions.
Lose Weight
Save Money
A few of the lists have the top three in a different order but you can see that the majority of the people want better health and more money. That is what life is all about anyways right?
How come we don’t see anything related to Christ on the list? Of all of the lists that I looked at, there was nothing in the top 10 about improving their life spiritually. Our goals each year (and each day) should be to become closer to Christ.
We live in a world where we are driven by worldly items such and money and living better than the people next door.
Today is a day of beginnings. God has blessed us with another day, another week, and another year. Take a look at your life and your goals. Make living for Christ at the top of your resolution list.
For me, 2018 was a year I changed my life. I started this blog 142 days ago in hopes that I could help my life change for the better. 142 posts later, I am still working on shaping my life and learning every day. While working on my own life, I pray that one person… just one, would benefit from something they see in my posts.
The time to change is now. The time to start is now. What are you waiting for?
God is Good.

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