The Hunger Is Real

Do you have a passion for one of your hobbies? Are you a teenager that has a passion for success in sports? If you are an adult, do you have a passion for your job and your willingness to grow within your company?

After a championship game in sports, the most valuable player is interviewed. The sports commentator typically asks them about their drive to success and what they did to accomplish the task they just completed at the highest level.

In business, it works the same way as sports. If you have the drive to succeed and the mentatilty to be sucessful at all levels, you will make it far.

Kat Cole is a successful businesswoman who worked her way up from the bottom of the chain in the restaurant industry. She started as a waitress and within a few years had moved into a corporate position. She didn’t stop there, her hunger for success kept growing. After a few more years, she had already worked her way to the top of one of the most successful food companies in the mall industry. Her hunger never stopped as she still continues to thrive.

When you have a drive to be great, you will be more likely to be the person you want to be.

In our Christian life, we need to have that same drive for our spiritual goals as we do our earthly goal. We need to have the hunger for Christ that we have for the next position in our organization.

When Christians are first baptized and accepted into God’s family, we have the drive to succeed. We have the hunger to grow His family. Over time, that hunger slows down and then at times, it is as strong as ever. We need to continue to work hard on the goals that really matter.

Our earthly goals are great to have and work at but we do not need to put them ahead of our spiritual goals. When your job comes before time with your family and time with Christ, then it is time to re-evaluate the priorities in your life.

If you need a time to start putting the hunger for Christ ahead of your hunger for earthly success, the time is now. Invite people to church, grow God’s family, and the reward that you will receive is far greater than any reward that someone could give you here on earth.

The hunger is real but it needs to be for Christ.

God is Good!

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