Marriage and Football

I started reading a book a few days ago. As part of my New Year resolution, I want to become a better spouse to my amazing wife. No matter how ‘good’ we husbands claim we are, there will always be room for improvement. Your love for your wife has no max and we can never stop learning how to be the husband that they want us to be.

I’m not too far into this book but there are things that are already sticking out to me.

One thing that caught my attention, since I am a sports-themed guy, is that marriage is like a football game.

Marriage is a team effort. How many times have you seen a team win just because of one single player? Okay, in the NBA, it happens quite often but I’m talking real sports! Football, for instance, is the sport where you can’t win if all players in the game aren’t on the same page. The same happens in marriage. There is absolutely no way that your marriage will survive if you are using two different playbooks.

There will be times in our marriage where we will have a turnover. What we were working on does not exactly go our way and it sets us back. We may fumble or throw an interception but we must jump back on the line and start over. Fight more. We need to always focus on the next play that is about to occur and not dwindle on the past.

Quarterbacks often times will throw an interception and then come back out the next play and make a mistake again. It is because, mentally, they are not back where they need to be. The best quarterbacks have the ability to shake off the mistake from the previous drive and make the next drive a touchdown.

One quarter at a time, the game starts to quickly come to an end. Depending on how well the team played together determines how much success they will have at the end of the game.

Ashley and I have been married 11 years (12 in June). The years have flown by and we have had fun. We have had our ups and downs and will continue to have them as long as we are married. That is just part of life. A lot of the mistakes in our marriage are because of stupid little things that I have done.

God teaches us an important lesson about loving your spouse. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we are to love our wife like Christ loved the church. Jesus came to earth and never quit trying to spread His love. He never quit. From the time he was born, through his death and resurrection, and his ascension into Heaven; he never quit trying. We can use His example in our relationship with our wife. Never quit trying.

We can always improve our relationship with our spouse even if you think it is already perfect.

God is Good.

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