Do you like to go out on top?

Have you ever quit a job? Maybe you haven’t but you know people who you have worked with that quit their job. People quit jobs for many reasons. Some quit because they do not like their co-workers or bosses while others quit because they find a better job somewhere else. What usually happens when someone suddenly quits there job?

When people move on from their current jobs and have negativity towards the company they are leaving, they seem to let it be known. They do it in many different ways.

Some companies host exit interviews where they are allowed to give their final thoughts about the company. These thoughts are then compiled and the hosts of the exit interview have the opportunity to develop ways to improve the workplace. A lot of times this can be a positive outcome to a negative event.

Then there are the people who do not show any respect for the employer that paid them over the past few years, or however long they were employed there. When they quit, they want to go out with a bang!! Many of these go to measure to belittle all of their bosses and even people they worked with. They start spreading comments around the workplace about things that have happened and those rumors spread quickly. In today’s world, they even blow up social media to make themselves look like they were treated unfairly. Naturally, people take their side because they don’t know both sides. This leaves a negative image of the company even though it may not have been necessary

Why do people feel like they need the instant gratification of “going out on top”? Why is it that people feel it is important to broadcast their issues to the world?

Have you ever done something like this? Have you made others look like they were acting as the devil when you were working for them?

The real question is is that what a Christian should do when they are faced with events like this?  

What kind of example are you leaving when you do this?

We have to be a leader, a good example to others and show stability in our beliefs (Titus 2:7). Everyone is an example to someone. No matter if you are a teacher, preacher, dog trainer, or any other profession, you are an example to someone.

What is the best way to be a good example to others? It is simple, live a Christlike life.

How would you think people would have reacted if Jesus would have risen from the dead and right before his ascension into Heaven, He started bashing everyone and everything on earth? Do you think people would have still loved and respected Him? Absolutely not.

Instead of lashing out negatively, Jesus assured us that He was going to go prepare a place for us and He would come back to get us so we can spend eternity with Him (John 14).

So next time get frustrated at your job and you are thinking of quitting, or maybe you do quit, remember to be a Christlike example. The employers will more regret losing someone who shows the image of Christ than they would someone who represented the actions of the devil.

Apply this type of attitude in your life, for every occasion, and you will see your life be changed.

God is Good


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