Do you like getting invitations in the mail? There are certain times of year where you get a lot of invitations. Wedding season, birthday parties, and graduation events are times that seem to be the most popular when invitations are sent out. With these invitations, a lot of them require responses (or RSVP) to them so the people will know that you will be attending. It helps the host with organization and planning of the event to make sure they have enough food or other items for everyone in attendance.

If you do not send an RSPV response back to the host of the event, they may not know that you will be coming and may not have a spot for you to be there. If this were to happen, you would feel bad and maybe even hurt because there was not a place for you. You may not have purposely forgotten to send in your response but in the end, there still was not an adequate amount for you so you had to be turned down.

Did you know that there is an RSVP for Heaven? Yes, a lot of people believe that since they walk on the earth they have nothing to worry about and their response is not required. They believe that when they leave the earth, they will have a spot in line at God’s ultimate party without having to let Him know that they will be there.

It is true that Christ wants everyone to be saved (1 Timothy 2:3-4). If God’s invitation is ignored and people choose to go their own way, they will not be able to inherit the party favor of eternal life that God has promised.

It is also important that we, as Christians, pass the invitation of the Lord to everyone. God has placed the guest list in our hands and if we don’t do as we are commanded, then the list of those in Heaven will be limited. If we don’t send out invitations to others, how will they know that they have to RSVP as well? Let’s make sure that we send out the invitation that Jesus provided so it will be easy for people to RSVP.

So, why wait to RSVP to the best event that will ever take place? You don’t want to be too late. Matthew 25:10 is a great example of what will happen if you choose to not RSVP. The door will be shut as if you are not known (Matthew 25:11). When the door is closed, the RSVP deadline has passed, it will never be reopened again. People will be beating at the door trying to get in because they realize that they missed out.

We don’t know a specific date that the RSPV of eternal life will end (Matthew 25:13). You don’t want to be too late and be the stranger knocking at the door.

Time to change is now. RSPV NOW.

If you are a Christian and you have lost your invitation, God is ready for you to repent and get back on the list to receive entrance to the most amazing event ever!

If you are not a Christian or don’t believe that you have to RSVP to the eternal party, I hope these words help gain a little knowledge and you will dig deep into His word and see that an RSVP is needed. Hear His Word, Believe His Word, Repent of your sins, confess that He is your father, and be baptized so that you will get on the guest list!

We pray that you will be there!!

God is Good.

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