Training for the trophy…

Why do we work so hard for things that are uncertain and not guaranteed? In sports, we train and train throughout the year for a chance to make it to the big games. Intense training goes into everything that we do just to attempt to try to make it to the championship game. We train for a chance to take home the trophy; the trophy that no one else has. 

How come, in our Christian walk, many of us do not train as hard as we do for earthly things? Our Heavenly reward is promised to us if we work hard for Christ.

We spend more time on earth worried about things on earth that are not guaranteed than we do our goal of eternal life. Yes, Heaven is not guaranteed but if we follow Christ and work hard to do as commanded, we all have the opportunity to live with Him forever.

See, in sports, there is only one team that makes it. Some sports, like golf and tennis, there is only one person that makes it to the finals. With Heaven, everyone has the opportunity. Everyone that trains and lives for Christ will have a shot at the reward, not just one person.

Today as we go out into the workplace and schools, let’s remember what matters the most. Let’s live for Christ and work hard for Him. When our time on earth is over, we want to be able to spend eternity with Christ and take as many friends with us as possible.

Have a great day today!

God is Good!

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