It is cold outside! Are you hot or cold?

Today is a cold day!  I don’t think anyone in our house wanted to get up this morning. We just wanted to stay in bed and stay warm. Don’t you love how, in Tennessee, it is either hot or it is cold? There is hardly an in-between. It would be nice if it was in the mid-60s for a few months instead of going from 95 degrees to 30 degrees overnight!

Some people love it to be hot, some love it cold, and others like it just in between.

In our Christian walk, there is only one way to be. If we are cold, we have no desire to work for Christ. We simply wake up and go about our day without even thinking of Christ.

If we are the lukewarm Christian, the one that is neither hot or cold in our cravings to work for the Lord, then we still are not fully engaged as we need to be. Our day may consist of a prayer or a thought about God. We may do a couple of good deeds every now and again but we don’t work hard to make sure we are doing what God wants us to do.

Remember how hot it gets in the summer? A lot of people do not like it really hot. There is one time that it is great to be hot and that is when we are serving our God. We need to be on fire for the Lord all of the time and not just certain times of the year.

Today, on this cold Friday, do what God wants us to do. Live for Him. Don’t live to make your boss happy. Please don’t make your boss mad either and get you fired! Live to make sure that God is happy with you.

Happy Friday Everyone!

If you are a lukewarm or cold Christian and need to get your fire going again, I know of great people and a great place that can help you do that. It helped me and can help you as well. God is waiting. Repent and be blessed by Him!

God is Good!

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