What are you connected to?

We live in a world that is extremely fast paced and busy. From the time they wake up until the time they go to bed, they are constantly on the go. Busy, busy, busy…

Although people stay busy, it seems like they always make time to stay connected with the world. Technology has drastically changed the way that we communicate with each other and live our daily life.

Did you know that there are over two billion smartphones in use each day across the world? Out of those two billion smartphone users, 85% of those use the Facebook app. 241 million people in the US alone have Facebook. The average minutes a Facebook user uses the app is 35 minutes a day. That is just the average minutes of use although it seems like much more when you look around the places you visit.  8.4 billion minutes a day is utilized on Facebook alone.

Why are there so many people on Facebook? Why do so many people have smartphones? They want to stay connected. It is an addiction to see what people are doing at all times. Being connected is what the world thrives on.

People spend so much time and money focusing on the world. The newest technology, the fastest internet, and the plan with the most data just to stay connected to the world. Why don’t we spend the same amount of time and effort trying to stay connected with Christ?

We all have the ability to stay connected with Christ. The best part about it is that you don’t have to have the best technology, fastest data, or a massive data plan to keep Him close.

Everyone has the ability to attend church services. Everyone has the ability to live for Christ. Everyone has the ability to worship Him.  

Staying connected with Christ is easy. Get involved and get engaged with Him. If we only tried as hard to stay connected with Him as much as we do the world, we could make an impact on how the world is.

If everyone would wake up, go to Him in prayer, read His word, and spend time spreading the Good News, the world may start to change. We are so connected to the negativity of this world that we don’t take time to place the positive in people’s life.

It is time to get connected with Christ and stay connected with Him. There is a line that never dies, never runs out of data, and doesn’t require a data plan. Prayer can keep you connected to Him. Being connected to Him can bring changes to your life that you never thought could happen. The positive light in your life will spread to others. Let’s be more connected with Christ than with the world.

If you need help getting connected, there is a family of Christians that can help get you back on the right path.

God is Good.

Colossians 4:2 Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving



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